Anyone want an art request?


Hi! I am EmoKid123321, and I was just wondering if anyone wants a request! I do chibi (top photo) and anime,(bottom photo) I will show examples, and I will draw it in real life and give you a photo, as long as it is appropriate! Thanks!


There art topic to post stuffs in



Can you draw her?
Made by @CG75


yes I will what style? BTW I’m in science right now so I will do it after school!


What styles do you do?


Sorry @PartTimeFemale I am new and don’t know how to use that stuff! Sorry!


Up above I said chibi and anime. I showed examples.


No its fine


Okay thanks @PartTimeFemale could you tell me how to use it?


Okay, can you do chibi then?


Of course I can! I don’t have all the colors though. Is that okay?


That’s ok! Don’t worry.


Okay my school gets done soon I will do it then!


Post on the drawing topic.

Also do u want to do an art trade


There’s a reply button on the bottom


I know. And sorry that I can’t fit all your topic needs, I’m new, and I do it for free.




Keep on the art topic please


Can u do this person? In ur chibi style.