Anyone Want A User Card Or Logo?




First, let me start by saying yes, I know a bunch of other people have already done this. Credit to um... @everyone who did this before me.

Just fill out this form if you want something:
Do you want the user card or circle thing:
Any quotes:
Picture (either just tell me or actually enter a photo):

Please note that all pictures say 'created by happyfacegirl' at the bottom

People's done:







People in line:

Whoever responds first gets the first one, and so on...
And ask away!!



Thanks @MR.GAM3R . Anyone else?


Which username do you want? Or i can write @MR.GAM3R on forum and @MR.GAM3R:video_game: on HS


Just MR.GAM3R is okay:) ty


Ok! Should be done maybe 10 minutes...


Love and live
I want a lot of candies or chocolates


This is it, i just have to figure out how to make it way les fuzzy...


@Sweetlina on it... Did you spell your name right in the form? And does logo mean the circle or the user card?


Thank you! Click on my profile pic, you'll see it there:)


Ok.... Looks great! Thanks for responding to this topic so quickly! Sry its so fuzzy... But you cant read anything anyway from under your description so i dont think that it matters.


If it was a larger image, it would be clearer. But I guess the controller picture you used was small. It's okay tho:)


Ok. Im glad you like it!


The user card
Sorry I am so tired


Its fine ok thanks im on it...


@MR.GAM3R i found out why it was fizzy i am fixing it!


Make me one that you think of me with! I want to see what people think when they think me!




Do you want the user card or circle thing: whichever one MR.GAM3ER got
Username: Rainboom
Any quotes: "When life brings you down, show it you can fly!"
Picture (either just tell me or actually enter a photo): of Rainbow dash the equestria girl (search up "MLPEG rainbow dash)


On it! Your 2nd in line but ill get it done this morning!