Anyone want a friend?


I know that some days are hard and at the end of them you need a shoulder to cry on... I know that. I just want to let everyone know that they have a friend here if they need me.


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Oh thanks! Every time I'm at school, I feel sad because I have no friends! No best friends. I have a friend and she has friend that hates me and I felt real bad. She did not invite me in a chat, her bday party, her BFF list and made me feel sad. :sleepy:


Sorry I'm off topic.


Don't worry! I sometimes feel like I am a bit different from my friends, I moved to this school later than them and I am going to be leaving to go to a different school in September. But don't let it get you down! I'm sure you will find the perfect friends for you!


Friendship cannot be given to you.

Friendship must be discovered.