Anyone want a collab account on hopscotch?


Hey guys, I used to have a Art collab partner but he/she ditched me. So, does anyone wanna do a collab account. We can do whatever. If u want to leave your name (hopscotch account) below and I will get back to you and tell u the account name and pass.


I will!
But it might take me a little while...

Username: -miniminion-


I totally will! You look like a great Hopscotcher. (Is that even a word?:smile:) I will create a account and tell u name and pass soon.


By the way i will still make a collab with others


Idk, lol​:joy:



Ok! Yay! Do you like the name -miniartists- it combines both of our names together.




Ok what about pass? I will let u decide that


Hi, where should I send it to you?


Are you fat


Excuse me, what?


It's a joke I ask people for no reason sorry


Oh, ok. It's ok :smile:


Feel free to check me out my user is:


Yes, when do i start


Please me please me @PrincessBunny1


For pass @MiNi go on my art pad on hopscotch and write it down so then everyone else will have no clue