Anyone wanna help me write my book?


My Hacker Smackers book? I don't even care if you are just checking my spelling!
@AvocadoDont [currently unavailable for some days]
@oio (idk)


Why was I tagged???? Sorry I can't do it @Hoppertoscotch I'm a bad writer


Can I please help


@PercyJackson9 alright we will work soon.


@PercyJackson9 okay are you on?


I know I wasn't tagged, but can I edit?


@RubyStars maybe, probably yes. But I need both of you on ag the same time so only you guys can get the link


OK, I'm on right now, FYI.


@PercyJackson9? Hello?


They might be asleep or doing something


@RubyWolf1 which means they replyed to my topic and went straight to bed......


Maybe......... Or maybe there going somewhere


@RubyWolf1 that sounds better, sometimes you're on your device and your parents cone in "WE GOTTA GO SHOPPING" or offense if any parents are reading this. Once my mom did that.

Oh, today I'm not in much. I'm gonna go skiing.


Yeah it's so annoying no offence


Sorry yes I can not start today but yes I can do it and am on


I had breakfast sorry I am going to church then won't be on


Whatever we'll do it tomorrow after school (it's Sunday for me)


Ok, I'm currently a writer with someone else, but I can be da editor or spell checker :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, I'd love to, but I can't do it on google docs. I can give you plots and writing, though.


@Hoppertoscotch I got back last week... But anyway, this sounds cool! What platform will it be on?