Anyone wanna do a collab?



In the past two weeks, NOONE asked to do a collab. I don't care if time is up I'm extending it to Nov. 5. You must follow the standards:
On Nov. 5 I will make a voting poll. Public voting 'till Nov. 10
1. You Can't already do a collab and forget about me
2. You must go on at least twice a week
3. You must format a reply like this:
HS username
Watcha wanna do
How many times ur on a week.

Collab anyone? please

I can do a collab! ValueGamesStudios and i could try to add you in. I have to talk to him about it first tho. Make sure he is ok with it


Colab (me, you, @ValueGamesStudio)
I am on alot during the week. On hopscotch and the forum! XD


If no one replys tomorrow, it will be u for sure


Sorry for getting back late


It's ok @TACOCODE I live in the United States :us: and it's 7:30 on Saturday. I just woke up. Can we still wait until the tenth so I can become regular?


Wait me and TACOCODE are in a collab do you want to join?


That's what I wanted to know. I was going to ask you if we should but I forgot