Anyone wanna collab with me?


Hey, guys! Famouspizza here! Anybody wanna do a collab? I'm getting reallly bored of solo projects and I thought a collab would be cool! My username is Famouspizza​:pizza:, so you can check me out there!

Note : I'd like to do a collab with someone who does REALLY good pixel art
Another note : I'd also like someone who knows how to do collabs, because I really don't know :wink:


Do you do really good pixel art?


I can collaborate with you,, @Famouspizza!

I wouldn't call my pixel art "really good", but it's pretty nice! :D


Ha... I can barely do much pixel art :slight_smile:
However, I have good art in real life, and I'm good at trail art, so I guess that's a plus! I'm also learning pixel art tho, so...
I'd be happy to collab with you!


I'd love to collab with you, @BerryFOX!

That's good enough! As long as you can at least do pixel art, that's fine with me? What's your Hopscotch username?

(Also, how do you do a collab?)


Me neither. I don't know how to do pixel art.


That's ok
When should we start the collab? (Assuming you're doing it)


No, I am not doing it.


Awww.... that's ok, though.
I hope to do a collab with you in the future maybe


My Hopscotch username is BerryFOX, and a collab is basically an account with 2 or more people working together on projects! It's really fun! :D

Tag me if you have any more questions, @Famouspizza!


Awesome!!! So how do we make the account, @BerryFOX?


One person will create the account, and when the other person logs into the account, they will choose the 'I already have an account' button and enter the username and password.

I can show you pictures if you're confused! :D



Awesome! How do we communicate then? By email or is there a messaging feature in the forum?


What do you mean? Sorry, I'm confused...


No problem for being confused I'm really bad at explaining things :wink:

I mean how will we communicate bc I don't think we should do it here bc ppl could see and get in to the account if we post it in public
So I'm asking if we should email, or if there is some kind of messaging feature here


I could make a specific topic just for us to talk about our collab!


Sound great!!! :smiley::smiley:


So, when do you think we should start the collab?


I'm not sure! :00

What do you think?


I think we can start soon!