Anyone wanna be my friend?



I wanted to make a friend group but their not allowed anymore so this is like a friend group.

So if you wanna be my friend just add yourself in the list and if you can’t edit, just tell me and i will add you.

I will tag when I make an interesting topic or post or something like that.

Add your name under here!!


There might be an editing mistake so if my name gets deleted I added myself :D


Wait where did they say thT


Huh what?


wait what did I say
I have no idea


Ohh where did you see that they said no fren groups


I want to be your friend, of course!


In the request a group topic


ik but do you have the specific post




does that mean i have to recyle my art group


No but can’t make more


@aariv flag this topic too! It doesn’t have anything to do with Hopscotch, so obviously it’s bad.