Anyone speak german? I need help-Elephant general topic



Yeah welcome to my general topic

I'm out of replies and all of my other replies are in a currently lounged topic lol

So yeah just be nice I guess
@MiNi @DECODECO I'm guessing a conversation went on in a lounged topic cause u guys know that I'm not new

@MiNi u did tho

@MiNi sorry I don't mean u had a convo in lounge. I meant we have had a convo before. Plus, my friend is regular so they can tell me what's going on


Hi! Welcome to the forum!


Okey. Hi there. Nice to see you.




Nope. That's not true. I haven't talked about you really.


Nah, it died down.


And you know this because....?
Well, I'll be having fun on here within my last few days.


Mini you don't deserve to be suspended.


It's not the suspension.


What happened then mini


I think I might leave for a little while.


Don't leave, you have so many friends!!


Think of it as a break. I'm gonna be gone for maybe a week or two, basically until FreshGuppy gets back.


Sobs all night


Hey @InquisitiveElephant :relaxed: I want to just see if you're feeling okay.

I don't know if you wouldn't like me to (just tell me if this is so, it's all good) but I know you must be pretty frustrated with not being heard around the place here and treated seemingly pretty unfairly and inconsistently – you can just talk about anything/everything with me.
I notice that you often come back to this place even though it must be rather agitating each time...(I find it rather interesting but silly me oh dear, what I think doesn't matter)


Well she's treated unfairly because she treats everyone here like trash and she's Ella and Ella hates everybody and has caused a ruckus on the forum


Haha idk why honestly

Some people here just really don't like me


I don't treat everyone here like trash

If you are nice to me then I will be nice back




Yeah because you're only nice to people that either like being mean or like breaking the rules