Anyone speak Chinese here (besides meh)?


Hey hey!

I had a bad day so I came to hopscotch to cheer up. I was wondering if anybody here spoke Chinese.

我 说一点点汉语。 你呢?



I only understand the first two thingies— hello.


XD that made meh laugh. It's ok. I don't speak Spanish, or Japanese...


I am learning how to. I know how to say a lot of things.



Wo shi quan pow bu.

I can't spell. :joy:

I don't know any Chinese except what my friends tell me. :D


Ni de ming shi shen me?


I can't get the Piyin or the characters on the commputer.


(Laughs) well then.

Can you understand this?

我妈妈有一个马,她 的马有一个妹妹。 这个妹妹是我。


I know chinese. I can kind of understand it.

Can't write or read anything though. XD



My name is (you shall never know ma ■■■■■■■■■)


Irl name*

Won't let you say those two words in the same order.




I know pinyin xD



I go to Chinese school.


@TheGamerNextDoor15, can you speak the pinyin for me?




Wo de ming zi shi ma de lin.


Wo de ming zi shi mao bao.


Can you count 1 - 10?


Ni xi huan shuo han yu me?