Anyone seen spirited away? Well im going to code no face!


im going to attempt to code no face.


Cool! But all topics must be related to HS (Hopscotch).

Maybe make projects about it and post them here?


I love that movie, but make sure all topics/ posts are hopscotch related! :)



But like everyone else said all topics most be related to hopscotch!


Does it actually say that in the Community Guidelines? I'll go check


I don't think so, this is the Hopscotch Forum though.

I am sure there are many movie forums that you could post this on! @shamrockcat


That's true! :3 But is it fine if there are just a few non-related topics, like the Imagination topic and the Photography topic?


I've seen it.
Anyways, can you make this related?


There's even an off-topic topic


Hey! wait i know! Movies on real life compared to Hopscotch (Quality, Length, Sound, etc.)! :0


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:

As everyone said, maybe you could make this a little more HS related? :smile:


Good idea! You should make that!


As you mayhaps have seen, im going to be coding no face!! Yup thats right! Im bringing Spirited away to hopscotch!! :smiley:


I'm not an anime fan, sorry​:sweat_smile:


looks at anime profile picture


rembers staring Is rude

walks away