Anyone Notice Glitch?


I've gotten this glitch before in my activity page where it says loading activity but it loaded it. Also if you notice Bear is slightly darker.


what is this!?!?!?!?!?


In activity it glitches sometimes and says loading activities when it's done loading


Please search before you post, this topic has already been made. All you have to do is press the home tab and go back


Yes I'm aware that it's easy to fix. I just think the hopscotch team should know about this.


I have seen it! It happens if the comuity is acting up sometimes!


It happens if you tap it too quickly and it doesn't have a chance to load easily


It Happens To Me Also, @Gavins_Games.


Really? That is helpful to know.

  • has experienced this glitch
  • has not experienced this glitch




Or Some Other Way To Explain It Is Like This: Tap It Twice Quickly.


I'm not usually quick but I mean I guess once in a while



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