Anyone needing help? Come here!



Hi I am ponycoders. I am here to help. Any questions? Ask me. I know about art and coding and HSB colours, but I still don't understand Sin and cos. Any questions about them? Please do not ask me... Any others? Sure! I will answer ASAP!


Welcome to the forums! Waht is dat profile pic though....


Kawaii Pony! I am the ponycoders! 🙄 Don't you like it?:frowning:


Okay...fits your username, it's defiantly...eccentric! That can be a good thing too...


Lol! :sweat_smile::laughing: What is yours? (Aside from awesome...)


Thanks! I coded it. It is HAL 9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey, HAL is a sentient computer.


Actually, I should make my profile after some code I did... Or a drawing. Or something a rather. Is your hopscotch ac. A happy Coder? Idk!


Yes! That's my HS account! I like coding my profile could code your pony with shapes and custom colours!