Anyone need help with restricted websites? I can help


IF SOMEONE NEEDS a website to unrestrict school filters I have the best website!!

  • I need help with restricted websites!
  • I'm good I use a different device



How does it work? I'm just wondering I use a personal iPad


needs help I am not allowed to access forum!!



"Phishing" scam, eh....


How is it phishing?

But I would not trust this site


Actually I have used it everyone in my school is using it my school is always finding ways around the system but it's pretty helpful


Omg I can watch arch YouTube with this


hetalia fancomics here we goooo


I'm currently in France heh heh heh


I don't think this is a good idea... I would rather have restricted websites for my safety. And they probably are restricted for a reason


How are those bad websites huh??


I don't know I'm sorry I don't have social media but I like to watch YouTube


I don't have Instagram either but it says blocked for some reason


There are many restricted sites that we use for research in middle school.
Sites with regular school information are blocked just because they also include the word "video game" in a different article on the site.

This helps with research and such.

As for HS-related, well, since many HS users have school iPads, it helps us potentially find ideas and new points for projects.


@Cash btw u need to be here for 26 more days read 4K and have not a lot of flags for ur regular badge.


Yes I understand you because I have a school iPad as well. I thought you were talking about stuff that might be inappropriate. Myself, sometimes I am frustrated with the stuff they block!


It didn't work

What is that website supposed to do?


My school banned it lol.


This website is access i can't use it.