Anyone likes Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen?



Hai, thanks for clicking into this topic! I know this might not be HS or HF related BUT before you say 'this topic is not related to HS and HF so I have to flag it!' But please, PLEASE listen to me. I am just making a game on HS which is related to this topic(and song) just listen to me plz...
I am just doing a survey... or maybe a preference...
so plz just reply something. bye! runs away


Blame leafy for that strange song getting popular.

All these exposed videos make most content stale to the point that this song is refreshing.


Who's leafy? Another hopsctocher? But anyways that song is already poplar if you didn't complain about leafy
jk, plz don't take it seriously!



Everybody is exposing him so the PPAP song is refreshing in a way


Is leafy the person with the gold coat and leopard skin scarf?
that's who sang PPAP
I'm sorry @AmiiboTrash, but I think that song is taking over the world!

well, at least HS is getting taken over...


face palm
Leafy is a recent youtuber which has NOTHING to do with PPAP but people have been exposing him a lot.

PPAP in 2005 would just be normal content but now with drama this song would be refreshing.


I still don't understand...
But you don't really have to talk about leafy anymore. I don't care about YT remixes for PPAP and supporters for PPAP.



Though i'm not a fan of the song


Actually, me neither! But just because of the game I need to know something about it!


Hi, I was invited. Why I was invited is because...?



Ummmmmm, I just invited you cuz
1. Trying out invite
2.your funny so suggestions?


Okay so
1. Best to reply directly to my post so I see it :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Suggestions for what?


My friend showed me that video on Instagram...
It was really weird but funny and the same time!


Everyone at my school is singing the song...and it's all over HS!!!


I have a pen...

Cool idea! Someone in my class showed it for people, then they started singing it, then they showed it and PPAP is now everywhere :slight_smile:
Are you recreating the App Store game or making something different?


Title makes me think of @EP125... °o0O.O0o°


I am just reacting to a game by ketchapp... Don't judge me.


My friends (@yoshifpv and @ptheater2006) always sing this's so funny!


I love leafyishere he's so cool but I'm gonna make sure billy the fridge doesn't kill him biiiiii


What did you just say?
No im serious i'm legit confused