Anyone know Sin and Cos


Does anyone know how to use sine and Cosine??? And I mean like, really really know how like a pro. I don't know
much and only experiment on it.I'm also new on here:grinning:


Welcome to the Forums! Sorry I don't really know much about sin and cos.


I'm not much help with this but I changed the title to make it more clear :wink:


You can search using the magnifying glass icon and find many great tutorials on sine and cosine!


Off topic


Thanks for welcoming me!!! But, no need to show me around!! I used to just look at everyone's post while I diden't have an account. I'm just new to making posts!!




I know what sin and cos are, and I can use them, but it's REALLY hard to explain.



That's fine. It's harder than values I would think.


trust me this topic explains everything (sine and cos are trig functions)


Anybody want to try a learning exercise for "sine" and "cosine"?

I will stick around for... five minutes to see if there are any takers. No, ten minutes. Then I have to go away for a while.


18 minutes and I think I'm too late, also sure, y not, I still don't fully understand it, but I've annoyed you enough on the topic


No problem, I'm actually running late. I'll come back and see if I can't share something helpful later.


I REALLY have no idea what what you said. Could you try to explain that again??