Anyone know?plz





How do I make a summary of myself


@PopTart0219 explained on your other topic. Did you see it? If no, here it is:


Thx so much aaaw wanna be friends what's your name on hopscotch


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Thanks! But @PopTart0219 and @Intellection74 were helpful as well. Thank them too.

My username on HS is KawaiiPixie.


Is hopscotch down for you it won't work for me


It works for me. Check you internet connection, maybe.


I haven't check recently, but last time I did it was working fine. Did you check your wifi?


Yes I think I did at least a few times I will try again


If I delete it will my work be saved and my account so I can just log in again


Yea, you're account won't be deleted and your drafts will be ok if you upload them. Just remember your username and password.


Kawaiipixie can we talk on hopscotch