Anyone know how to make "point towards"?


I know how to make point towards but it's really complicated. is there any other simpler way to do it other than this:


Wouldn't this be a nice block to have?
Code an arrow to point at your finger
Pointing to my finger

I wish I knew a simpliar way, but I don't know, sorry @SUPERSWAGGY. :sweat:


That's the only way I've seen as well. If Hopscotch had inverse trigonometry functions there would be another way though I'm not sure if it would be shorter.


Anyway you could publish the project and put a link in this post?


@PhantomPig and @SUPERSWAGGY,

I will apologize up front, if this is something you've already seen, but i have something to share that does speak to this question.

In fact, I remember responding to a question like this one earlier, and i don't even remember who posed it. To that question and to this one, i replied that i had seen a method used by someone whose account appears to be inactive today - still an account with some very nice material in it.

Let me post a link to the code that does the "point towards" operation:

in the hope that you or someone else will find it useful.



sorry for the very late reply but I haven't finished the project that I'm using it with


DAAANGGGG, THAT'S COMPLEX! I don't think I'll be able to make this. :sweat_smile::laughing:


Haha. I didnt memorize it myself, I took it from a simple programmer(i gave credit in the peoject) and i publised, and saved it as a draft multiple times. Then if i needed to do this, I would start a project inside of the one I saved.


Wow. Can you link me to the project please?? :smile:


it's in">"'s rules


Thanks! WOW, it's really smooth! Awesome!! (Including simple programmer) :smile:


I don't even know what any of this means because I am in 4th grade


I know what this means and I'm only in third
I can tell u but its very complicated


Can You tell me the easiest way?