Anyone interested......?


Hey Hops! So I have the rest of the afternoon free, and I've been stalking @OrEndA s cool drawing/comic thing about Kurai's history. Soooo, my wondering if any of you would like if I did that (I don't want to go to all the trouble and not one person likes it >_<). So just vote in the following polls!
@OrEndA, of course if you don't mind! It was your idea!

Should I make a drawing/history thing like @OrEndA's?

  • Yas!!!!
  • Nah.



Which OC?

  • Daisy! (Banished angel)
  • Rossy! (Human w/ wings)



Ok, Rossy will be first :slight_smile:


Did I come too late? ;-;
Well anyway, I love this idea! I'm hoping it'll be taken up by other Hopscotchers as well :slight_smile:
Anywhoosies, thank you for doing this—and adding credit! Now I have to go finish Kurai's backstory ;-;