Anyone interested in an Art Collab?


Kia Ora! Anyone interested in an art collab? :crossed_fingers:




that’s mean


I’m a mean person.
I just say what I mean and mean what I say.




Thank you.


you’re very welcome indeed


me I guess? I really dunno. I’m super bored right now


I don’t do art on the app anymore


no I at art


great guys im soooooooo happy people are mean on hopscotch. you just keep being pessimistic downers.


Yeah, I should probably go to a therapist. Or not, actually. It keeps me honest and from looking at the world in a way that will eventually let me down.


that conversation between @coolaid and @the_vast_void was honestly legendary
I’ve never seen a more interesting conversation on here


We just have a thing, you know?


I now announce @coolaid and @The_Vast_Void to be an official Hopscotch Couple-wait that’s what you mean by “a thing” right


I’m A- sexual. I don’t do couples.


I wonder about coolaid
that’s a little nosy though so nevermind


It is fine. Donut worry.
(Donuuuuuuuuts! Yum!)


donuts r good
yum yum


I live in a country where the closest things to donuts are disgusting vegan rings of dough with icing and sprinkles. The last time I had a “real” donut (it was an entemmans donut) was a week ago when my dad brought them home from the USA. It was the first donut I’ve had in nearly a year.