Anyone in Canberra?



Heyyo ma peeps so I’m going ta Canberra any tips or anything on what it’s like there?


All I know is the Parliament House is there


I don’t think the White House is in Canberra…
Do you mean Parliament House?


Oh yes woops
You could bump into Malcom Turnbull


I think that’s very unlikely. Also, by any chance, are you out of likes?


I have no clue what this is


No, I just don’t like posts anymore
I just stopped one day and now I’m in the habit. Sorry man :joy:


Ooh nice!! Ive never personally been to Canberra but i hear its rly cool :ok_hand: a lot of schools here have field trips to Canberra in like, , year 7?? I think
it’s basically an Australian version of Washington DC so
Yeah :+1: have fun!!

Also if ur American or another country prepare for severe jet lag lol :,))


The, , Australian, , capital, ,


Oh, sorry. I don’t really know Australia


I wish i could go to Canberra. I can’t even go to DC.


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