Anyone help me to code a game?


Hello guys! Can you please help me to think of and code a game? I have literally no idea on whatsoever to code right now! I really want to make a game rn because I’m having a feeling I may have forgotten how to code!




Mage a game about green






Try making a runner game (like temple run)


@FRENCH_WAVE123 Oh where you have to dodge and stuff? Nah, sorry…


It could also be like were your racing the cpu


there are plenty of idea topics out there! maybe try pixel art or trail art, or look at some tutorials?


Often times I google old games for the atari, arcade games or old games in general, as most of them are quite simple and could be easy to recreate in Hopscotch. Plus, they are rather inspiring.


try a quiz! Like, an animal quiz or something. Or hangman. or something. idk.


I would suggest looking at some tutorials! They can be super helpful as well as give you some quick ideas!


Can you help me with a game? I’m working on one that I really want to finish


Uhh sure, if it isn’t too complex…


Ok thanks so much for the tip! (Are you @Swati_Bang??)


yeah she is


I’m thinking of making a game where you make choices and stuff…


Yeah I am! I changed my name from Swati_Bang to the_dancer by asking Liza!!


Oh okay! I thought that someone was impersonating you…


Hahahahahha! :smile:


Hello guys! I’m working on a dog creator, so here it is! It’s a WIP so I know it’s really bad but here it is!