Anyone Have HSBs?


I'm making a draw pad.
Does anyone have HSBs I can use?
I promise I'll give you credit.
@SmilingSnowflakes, can you give me hair color, eye color and skin color?
@OrangeScent1, can you give me diffrent shades of the rainbow?
Or anyone else who makes draw pads?
Oh yeah!
@BananaDog, please?
Also, maybe, @ColourfulBlack!


You could use t1's HSB Color Picker. I don't have the link at the moment.
It comes up when you search "HSB Colour Picker".


Hey there! Thanks for tagging me! :D

I think a great way is to use an HSB picker to get your desired color! I recommend this website:

That's where I got all my HSBs for my art pad! I can get you some basic colors like skin and primary colors, but I think the best way is to do it on your own so get the exact color you want. :D

Hope this helps! Ask me if you need anything else. :D


I know @Catface4, but please, do you have any?


Can I have a few basics? I'll try the website, but please.


Sure! :D That color picker is very easy to use, but I'll get you a couple colors. :D

I'm going to respond later, I have to go do something right now. :wink:


Can I have some?
I'll give you credit!!!




@Bananadog, can you now?


Sure! I'll go get you a few colors.....


What skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors do you need?


Any! Hair: Browns, blonde, and gingers. Eyes: blues, greens and Browns. Skins: peach shades and brown shades.


Skin: 42, 16, 100

Red: 0, 100, 100

Orange: 40, 100, 100

Yellow: 60, 100, 100

Then you pretty add any value to the hue to get a really saturated and bright color. Really, I think the best way is to find colors on your own!!! :D


I know you're probably very busy.
But, can you help me with my DrawPad.
It would be amazing!!!!!!
My username is Rubystar!
I hope you can!!


Sure! I am very busy XD

But I can help a little bit! What do you need help with? :D


Well, it's not finished yet. Some of the colors, even though I did the thing for drawing (the +) it not drawing. And can you just help me add more colors to the +?


I can help too!!


What colors do you need?


Mostly skin and hair colors.


I will try some hair colors.


Ok! Thanks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: