Anyone have GitHub?



Anyone have a Github account?
I do! K1ish



But how is this hopscotch related?


Let's try to keep topics related to hopscotch!


What's GitHub? I think I may have heard of it...
Anyways, let's try to keep topics Hopscotch related–the forum only has so much space!


This is coding related which is related to Hopscotch.



I thought it was a website were you paste code and you can download it... Not a thing were you can code


Github is a place where you CAN code, even hopscotch works with it


Can you give me an example?


While yes, you can write code on GitHub, I don't think you can run it on GitHub. By that logic, anything where you can type would be something where you can write code.


It's coding related.
GitHub is for sharing code.


Oh, sorry. Carry on! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: