Anyone have an explanation for why I have the regular title but not the badge?



So for some reason I have the Regular title

But not the badge…

Anyone have an explanation for this?


nope but so do i


Cuz u get regular and lose it


You get to keep the regular title even if you lost it idk why


Yup same as I said…


That must be a new glitch, because I lost regular a year ago and have no title.
That is weird, @HopscotchRemixer. @codinghorror, @Ana, know anything about this bug?


It’s not too new, I believe it’s been happening for the past year??


Don’t ask me. I haven’t been on for the past year, until I came back in June. :smile:


Are you sure that when you go to preferences - profile - title you don’t get an option to choose regular as your title


Yeah I don’t have the option, it never appears


oh ok then


I lost my title when I lost regular.


When you have a badge and use it as a title, if you for some reason lose that badge, you still keep the title.

It only shows up if you have a badge with the option to use it as a title.

Hope this helps.


I didn’t really experience this bug.


But I used to have the title and I lost it when I lost my regular badge


Yes, the same thing has happened to me with my @Themasterofairjitzu account, where it had regular until early last year, but lost it.

It seems like this is a recent thing.


Yeah but long ago (like 2017) I could chose my title, even though I didn’t have regular, and when I say chose my title I mean it just said none rather than an actual title


I think that you have had regular before and that this is a system glitch. People who have lost the regular badge before might set the variable to something that can’t be changed back to regular? Also, I have absolutely zero evidence to back my case except for a bunch of people who used to have regular and lost it and then earned it again are dealing with the same problem…


Like others said, you might have lost Regular, sadly. This has happened to several other people as well, if I am correct. I can’t name anyone though.


I know right? It’s super annoying and I am going through the same problem as well! I think I lost regular but I have kept the title.