Anyone Free For Collabs?



Is their anyone that would like to do a collab with me? Just mention me @Phase_Studios .

Helloooo Hopscotchers

@Phase_Studios, what is collab?


We can basically make a game or something else together, a collaberation.


I will! BTW, I'm offline starting now.


What do you want to @battledog make?


I WANNA BE IN IT!!!!!!!! Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Thank. You.


Hmm... Oh wait search up Lollipop on H and if you scroll down enough, then you'll find a project with the name battledog.


@battledog @Phase_Studios I wanna be in the collab. How do you do a collab?


You can be both be in the collab, and a collab is when you make something together.


I am getting off, bye.


Bye, @Phase_Studios!!!!!


Bye @Hoppertoscotch.


Hey @Phase_Studios!
I'd love to collaborate with you! I'm not free at the moment, (I'm in another collab), but, whatever? I guess...
Basically, I have room for another collab (with someone in the U.S.A)
Since the other people live on the other side of the world :wink:
But again,
I'd love to collaborate with you!
So reply with @LotsaPizza and I'm up and ready!
Of course, if you don't want to, it's okay! I'd don't mind 'that' much... :confused:
But still, just give meh a call and I'm ready!
An old friend,
-LP <3


I'd love to work with you @Phase_Studios! Or anyone else here. Just mention my name!


@Lavendercupcake, I have worked on three collaboration at a TIME, three, three, three!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to make a collaboration with you @JumpyJose ! I would want anyone to work with is!


Sure! What's do u want to do, a game, song, movie, or what?


I would like to make a game.


Okay tell me when ur aviable!


I am availble! XD XD