Anyone for an Epic Collab?



First, I need to tell a story.

I made a project a while ago, called Pokemon Rival Battle. I worked really hard on said project, but many things, including my inexperience and easy distraction, lead to the project being buggy and widely unnoticed. I really want to remake it, but I know there are many things the game needs that I'm just not good at.

So, I am recruiting a few people for a collab! We will be working together by trading drafts to code a 1v1 Pokemon battle!

To achieve this, I will not specifically need hopscotchers who are skilled all around, though these hopscotchers are welcome! I will need hopscotchers who have a specialty, such as music or graphics, trail art or math values, and they need to be good at what they do.

To apply, fill out this form:

Hopscotch Username:


Do you consider yourself good at your specialty(ies)?

List the title(s) (NOT LINKS) of project(s) that you are proud of/projects that prove your expertise at your specialty:

I will then look at these projects, as well as the rest of your Hopscotch account, to see if your coding style is fit for the job. Here are a few positions we need:

Supervisor: @Serenity

Music Composer: Open!

Graphics Designer: Open!

All-Around Coder: Open!

Trail Artist: @TheGreenBanana Open!

Hard Worker: @Hermione Open!

Pixel Artist: @AwesomeNachos

Bug Fixer: Open!

Pleas sign up! I do plan on doing this, whether I get enough people for the collab or not. See you around!




Ooo nice!! Can I sign up for Music Composer:

HS Username: YT122 (Changing at the end of the month to YT122Redo)

Speciality: HS Music


Jurassic Run!!:


First of all,welcome back!
Is pixel art part of trail art?


I don't know yet if we'll be using pixel art in the project. I'll contact you if we do!


Does Jurassic Run have music in it? I must be doing something wrong, because I can't hear any, nor can I find it when I look in the code. If it doesn't have music, could you tell me some music projects you're proud of?


Just so you know, I have no idea about anything that has to do with Pokemon, so yah.


How do you trade drafts?


I don't think you'd have to have knowledge of Pokemon to make the game. Especially since I am the biggest Pokemon nerd of all time!
I'll check out your profile now.


I can't do it xD


Can I be the Graphics Designer? Please, @Serenity? Or All-around coder. Either one I'm happy with. :D


If you'd like to apply, fill out the form!


I could do a Pokémon Pixel Art! :D
(As part of the loading screen!)
@Serenity, I filled out teh form!


I wanna be a trail artist
Or a all around person or a hard worker @Serenity
The last Pokemon thing is what I am working on it is like a Pokemon fact book !


@TheGreenBanana Would you like to accept a position as a Trail Artist?


@AwesomeNachos Would you like to accept a position as Pixel Artist?


Yes, please, thank you! |:D Let's get our pixel on! :D


Okay! Switch this topic to Watching, as most of the communication for the collab will happen here. I'll add you to the list!


Done! :D

What pixel art should I make?


I'll notify you here when I need you to pixel. For now, do you think you could look for somewhat simple pixel art bases of people? I'll need one from the front and one from the back.


Hmmm.... okay! Like, a base?
Maybe like this?