Anyone else miss the old hopscotch?


Does anyone else feel that Hopscotch isn’t as lively as it used to be? Or is it just me? I am just wondering because it does not seem as full of life as it did two or three years ago.


There are several topics like this, but Hopscotch is what you make it. Although not as many people are programming compared to before, there is still a passionate group who love Hopscotch and coding. I still use Hopscotch as a valuable resource for testing coding ideas. Things change, whether in Hopscotch or real life, so make the best out of what you have right now :)


I loved the old editor.


Yeah, like he said. It’s what we make it, the old community that was here when the forum just openned was great. So many interesting topics, I remember being eager to read learn and create posts.
Without being mean, now the content that people post isn’t really interesting anymore.


I only have two things I would bring back from the “old” hopscotch. I would bring back the many video tutorials they have on the app, and I would also bring back the challenge section they used to have. I loved to complete those challenges and would also love to see how others completed the same challenge, but put their own twist on it.


I agree with @the_dancer and @Jedi4Jesus. I use Hopscotch daily and I think that it is the same. Of course, things change, like the addition of subscriptions, new features and new design, but I think that the new Hopscotch is amazing like it always have been.