Anyone collaboration?



Hi im @Lavendercupcake and i am looking for someone to do a collab with! I dont mind if you get millions of likes or not! I want someone who loves hopscotch, is on there a lot, makes good projects (doesnt need to have likes) i will need to know any ideas you have and your hopscotch usernames any goals (like create a ________ ) on hopscotch that ties in with a collab

No Info, No Review, Just Oppertunities

I would love to join it @Lavendercupcake! What could we make?


Anything really maybe some sort of maker?
Have you heard of Japanese candy kits?


No, I have not @Lavendercupcake.


Ok, cool. @Lavendercupcake you should edit so people won't see the password.


I live in the U.S.A and in the Eastern time zone.


Sorry @Lavendercupcake, but I am not going to do it, I am already doing two other collabs.


Anyone else want to?


Me! Can I help I don't have a lot to do!!


I may help you out sometimes @Lavendercupcake , just mention my name @Phase_Studios.


OK @Phase_Studios help when you want. What do you want to make?


Hey guys! I love Oppertunities like this. If you guys can take one more person that'd be great! -Gavin's Games