Anymous I am sorry you had to close your topic I am sorry and I was abt to say I will stop please open it


the title explains it all​:heart::heart::heart:


did you like my idea @Anonymous


We opened it, would you like to recycle this or have me close? :slight_smile:


Wait what...?


recycle and @Gilbert189 please tell me who flagged me I just want to know please please please​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


I don't think i can share that without starting flame wars. :slight_smile:


There was a minor flame war


As a community, we want to be as friendly as possible. We don't want to expose anyone, that would be mean. Think of this as a learning experience :D


please like I don't want to be annoying but if you tell me you can delete right after and I won't bring it up again and if I do you can suspend me as long as you want​:wink: @Anonymous @Gilbert189


I got some things to learn from

As MP said like 2000 years ago

"Regular,Member, what's the difference ?"