Anymore ideas for new avatar pictures?



After I saw some people want more avatar pictures, I thought this topic would be good for anyone who has ideas for new avatars such as food and background avatar pictures. So, you can list what ideas you have and hopefully The Hopscotch Team can see it and maybe create more!


I would like the old ones back


Maybe they could make avatars from Hopscotch projects? I know there are a lot of background projects. If this happened the creator of the project could be listed in the bottom corner to give credit.


Ya, I agree! It's kind of sad to not have them for our avatars after you switched to the new avatars. But anyways, how about for new avatars, we should have a book picture to represent you like books! Same will a paint brush to show you like paint? But I think the avatar pictures are drawn by code..


Maybe we can have a Hopscotch contest where everyone designs a background using code only?


They should bring the old ones back and have both the old and new avatar pictures.


Maybe a cat! (I'd want one to look like Stampylonghead!) :cat:


Yes. I agree @GiraffeProductions.