Anybody want to collab?



Hey guys. I know there are a LOT of these posts already and I'm tired of them too. I'm sorry, but I'll do it anyways. Does anyone want to collaborate with me on a project? I don't have anything else to do for a bit so..

I'm thinking a Halloween themed project or game. But we can do anything! Just tell me what you want to do :wink:


I have a collab channel!


Can I do it with you????


Sure! Do you two want to do separate collabs or work on it all together?


Work on it all together.


Great! A Halloween themed project, a game, what do you want to do?


Whatever you want!!!


Let's make a Halloween project then because it's October 1st and I'm HYPED! :laughing:

I'll make a start of something. We can use @Hoppertoscotch's collab account later if you want

EDIT: Here's the project


Hi, @CreativeCoder, i am looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Just a thought (and a question or two) concerning the Halloween theme: I noticed that a Hopscotcher recently posted request for no more "scary things" being published on account of the possibility of scaring young children users. I was thinking about Halloween, when i made something recently, but I have a suspicion that the thing i posted with bugs and eyeballs (yuck!) may have been one of those "scary things" which that user didn't like. The "camera" prank, though meant to make people laugh, was probably over-the-top on my part as well. Now i feel... kind of guilty. The last thing i would ever want to do is upset any other coder.

So, I wanted to ask a couple of questions. First, do you or anyone else think that version of TrippyTouch with all the bugs and eyeballs twisting and writhing around was inappropriate? Also, i had an idea and wondered if you might like to try this: i was thinking that it might be fun to create a full skeleton with moving joints in Hopscotch. What do you guys think?

Good luck from oio!


Hi @oio.

Well, I wouldn't really know. Hey, I've been watching R-rated horror movies since I was 11 :grin: . So, it obviously doesn't bother me. But you have to consider there are kids as young as 6 on Hopscotch. I don't know, it's all personal. My opinion is if you're freaked out by that stuff, just don't open the project.

Personally, I believe it's fine. I mean, it's not like it's blood splatters with gruesome stuff like that. It's just eyes and bugs. That's ordinary life.

By the way, the skeleton would look cool! I'd imagine could drag each leg, arm, etc.

Thanks again!

Edit: Played TrippyTouch again. I don't find it exactly "scary", my original intention was "What." I guess it could be to some people, but it's just weird movements. Why would a ladybug and a pair of eyes by scary..?


Hi @oio don't feel guilty TrippyTouch v2.1.1 doesn't bother me too much either. (I do admit though when I saw the words "Draw your nightmare" I thought that's probably not a project I want to look at so I didn't open it :wink:)

I am older though and I very much agree with what @CreativeCoder said, we just have to be mindful of younger children using the app too. Personally I still have an aversion to projects with the devil or skull emojis and FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's) which is most likely what that person was referring to.

It doesn't mean all projects including FNAF are inappropriate for children (I've seen many cool drawings of the characters) but people are concerned about content from the game. And projects with those emojis aren't bad if they aren't using them in a very scary manner (so a skull in a skeleton is perfectly fine, and if anything, a skeleton project would be SO COOL).

Besides, look at Zombear – he has brains poking out of his head:

(I admit I have an aversion to him too.)

And Frankenrilla looks like he has a rod through his head:

So ladybugs and eyes are fine since Zombear is fine.

Thanks for the very valid concern and I think when making a Halloween project, just be mindful of younger children and don't make anything that is overly scary.

And you don't need to give me credit for the Halloween characters @CreativeCoder :smiley: I made the project to be branched for that use so you can just say "branched to get Halloween characters" if you want.


Yikes! Now, those are creepy. The only thing that scares me more is the thought of what sort of Hopscotch characters might be created in honor of Valentine's Day.

Thank you for your replies, t1 and creative.

Edit: Oh, something just occurred to me that I should probably explain. It's a nuance. But in my choice of words in the phrase, "Draw your nightmare," the possessive, "your", is probably a casualty of the possibility of two interpretations. I meant it in the sense that the drawn result would belong to the artist... not to actually plant or to imply the existence of a nightmare. That would be bad. Right? Yeah. Probably. No, definitely. I suppose, had mine been a space-themed project, and if I had said, "Draw your solar system" a literal, possessive interpretation would be... um... dubious, to say the least. Ha, ha. Ah... the joys of imprecise human language.


Ok thanks for thinking about trying my collab channel!


hello creativecoder i would like to collab

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