Anybody Wanna Join?


Still? Sorry i had my birthday party.


Happy LATE birthday @EmeraldKittyCat


Actually. It's my birthday today!


It is then happy birthday


Thanks Fren!! Are you an artist, just wondering.


On paper YES with codeing NO


By the way what time is it @EmeraldKittyCat


@Coder1, it's 1:12 PM!
You should go on the drawing topic!
I would love to see your art Fren!


But what should I draw


You want me to give you suggestions?
Draw a self portrait!
Or if you want requests, you could draw me.
Should I describe myself?


Please do so @EmeraldKittyCat


I have long blond curly hair.
Blue eyes.
Pale skin.
And I'm wearing a pink sparkly dress right now!


Thank you for telling me but I decided that I will draw a forest


Here's the topic.
You can post your art on there.


Click the second one.


What second one @EmeraldKittyCat


On the link if you click the arrow, you click the second link.




@Coder1, join what? My collab account? I'm thinking a bout making a new one for me and you. How about it being called:


I love it it is a great name but how are you supposed to tell me the passcode when this is a public topic