Anybody Wanna Join?


Does anybody wanna join my group account, KittenHopscocthers?
I'll give you the password.
Now, note for all you people who will say "NO SHARING PASSWORDS" I will delete the post as soon as they get it.
@SmilingSnowflakes it would be AMAZING if you could!
You are my trail art idol!


Just one more time, @SmilingSnowflakes?


@Sweetlina, what about you?


Do you wanna join my group account?


Anything! It's just a shared account where people can help each other, work together on a project or make something yourself! @Sweetlina


Im sorry off topic but




I hope you do! It'd be nice to have somebody on it! Nobody is ever really on. :frowning:. If you do join how much will you be on?


Mine? Or @Sweetlina's?


Yours :slight_smile:



Thanks!!!!!! Would YOU like to join my shared account?


What do you choose??????


Should I tell you the password now?


@Sweetlina, if you're here I can give you the password?


Can I join? @EmeraldKittyCat I am super nice!


@FutureAwesome, @Sweetlina, if you are on I will give you the password.


I am here! You can tell me


He/she is not on right now


You both still here?


Yes! We are still here!


Still? Sorry, I was doing something.