Anybody still getting 'A Hopscotcher'?



Look who's back!

Anybody still getting them like me?


I'm still getting A Hopscotcher.


Yep! I have gotten them 50 times!


I'm not, but it's just because.. Well.. They aren't looking at my acc XD

I used to get them a lot though :slight_smile:


same, my amount of likes dropped so there are no more A Hopscotcher :disappointed_relieved:


I get them a lot from the Feature. Xd

One of them spam-liked me.


Haha XD

I used to get them a lot but now I just get likes from people with accounts C:

Probably lot of the, a hopscotchers got the iPhone version now :D


hmm... I think I do that.


I used to get them but not now


Nope. I've never gotten "A Hopscotcher" :grinning:


I literally just got one!

I had a woah moment of when I saw one for the first time since the update :joy:


I just looked in my activity and saw a load of 'A Hopscotcher liked your project!' And stuff like that! It's creeping me out since the update!



Ich weiß oder (@PandaBlossom!!)


I used to get A Hopscotcher!

Not really anymore :D

And don't worry bout it, it's just someone on the iPhone! :smile:


Yes, but since the iPhone update, all iPhone users should have accounts. :)


What's A Hopscotcher?


It's a user that uses an iPhone (Before the update, you couldn't make an account on the iPhone)


Couldn't it just be someone running an old version?


Oh I know who it is…I've explained to others before :joy:


Same Le XD
Ya proud??? ^^^^^