Anybody making a project for Star Wars day? If so, share them here! May The Fourth Be With You!



Star Wars day is tomorrow, (May the Fourth be with you) and I want to see any projects you guys made to celebrate! I made mine, and I'll publish it tomorrow. It is Maz Kanata shape art. Here is a photo:

So if you have a project for Star Wars day, share it here! :D


Ah, yes! May the 4th be with you my friend XD

That's really great! :smile:


Oh yeah I'm doing a challenge on hopscotch for drawing.


Also, does anyone have any feedback for my Maz Kanata? Anything that I should add or change?


It nice but I feel like the neck is a bit too wide


I'm making a seagull and yoda game lol


Omg my dad showed me that XD


Sooooo funny XDDDDDD


I laughed soooo much
U should watch the inaugeration day bad lip reading


I did XP I showed @BananaCatRustie too


That's the best lol :joy:

I laughed so hard.


This is late, but here's mine anyway. :D


That's really cool!


Heres mine-

Its late lol