Anybody have a sphero?



So, does anyone have a sphero? It's a little robot that you program. Some are bb8s. If you do, then I'd like to know your accounts and what you program! :D here's a photo of mine:


Awsome! I don't have one but they look really fun!


Cool! Where did you get your sphero? How does it work? How do you program it?


Our school has a few. :stuck_out_tongue:

They're really fun to program, but also very hard to. I like the case you can put around it to keep it from slipping. XD


They seem really cool. I tried one out at a store once.

I was going to get one but they're too expensive so I didn't XD



I just never use it


My uncle got it for me last Christmas. You program them on an app, and it's fun, and kinda challenging.


Me + expensive things, especially electrionics= BOOM or crack!


Can I have it then? XD

Seriously though, someone should make a Sphero project in Hopscotch! I don't have one so I don't really know how it works.


It depends on what app you use though, I have one where you can control it with a joystick


I saw a YouTube video where a guy programmed his Sphero where you can tell it basketball commands (like you're its coach) and it will move to the appropriate spot on the basketball court (table)


Short summary

Spheros are these robotic balls that you can control using your iPad while it's connected to Bluetooth.


These things are awesome! My brother has one!


My class won one in a school contest last year, but we never used it.
This year's class actually uses it :expressionless:

Anyways, they look cool! I'd like to hear what you can program with it :smile:


I have one!

It's fun I use it but I can't find the charger and its dead lel


I wish I had a sphero


They look really fun!


I have a bb-8 sphero!


I don't have my own sphero, but my math teacher has a few c:


This deserves a little revive now.