Any Website Ideas?


I would like to make a website based off what people want me to do. So, please tell me what to be put in the website like this:

Website Name
How To Make Examples

Three Website Colors
Red Blue White


Making Examples, Why I Made This, How Do You Make Examples?

Page The Project Starts On
An Example Of An Example


Website name: Pusheen

Colours: see his colors on the internet (he is a cat by the way)

Emoji: :cat::cat2::yum:(ΦωΦ)

Pages: home page, about pushed, pushed pixel art...

Start on the home page.


@ILoveSmudgey I don't even.....


"I don't even"... know what Pusheen is! @HoppingBanana's profile picture is a version of magical pusheen. basically Pusheen is a very cute cat. I saw your post and I just thought of Pusheen! Don't ask why!
Pusheen ☟

I think I may have gone of topic a bit! Really sorry! :pensive: Anyway, why don't you make a poll? That might help you decide.

  • video games (comment which below)
  • animals
  • cooking courses
  • any others (comment below)


I can editor the poll if necessary.


Ok, I'm not going to be good at making a website about that. Sorry, the request must go through a scanner, and sadly, the scanner said, "website request, not confirm able" sorry. :wink: