Any way to bring up keyboard in a game?


I want to have players type in a message in a game. Is there any way to do this besides creating buttons for each letter etc?


Sadly, no D:

A lot of people (such as @Kiwicute2016) have created a keyboard, though! You can look in that code and take pictures to copy :D

It sound like a cool game! If you need more help, just ask :D


Not really,
You have to code when a letter or text is tapped to make something happen.
Like tapping an "L" to make a sprite set text to a "L".

You could make shortcuts like,
Tap a smiley face and set text to( Hi, how are you.)


Hmmm. I'm actually planning on doing some kind of "pack" where you get some "extra" features, like some boolean values and, maybe a keyboard?


With the subscription, one could make a very realistic keyboard using images (screenshots) of the actual iPad keyboards (inc emoji if desired). Then determine which key is touched based on x/y location of where the image is touched. Seems like that might be easier than individual letter keys.


You could also make a similar touch detection and just use Unicode characters as the keyboard.