Any Tutorial Requests?



I have been on Hopscotch and the forum long enough to know how most things work! So I would like to give tutorials, but I don't know what you guys want tutorials on! So, is there anything you would like me to help you on and give you a nice tutorial? I would love to help! :wink:

And another thing: Please suggest things that have not been made into a tutorial yet!


Maybe you could give tutorials on how the forum works, like the limited likes and posts, or special features like the blurry effect, polls, or gigantifying text!


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Ok! I know there is a lot of those though. I will wait until I get home so I can do screen shots!


Sin and cos?
Games? (Your game are awesome!)
How the forum works?
Forum tricks?
Just some ideas for you @SmileyAlyssa
(I'm sick so I'm not at school)


Or maybe values! Literally only me and a few handful of people from my school understands values. xD


Ooohhh... That is a good one! I know a ton about values!


That would help a lot! People from my school just turn off the audio on their iPads and copy the code off of HS's tutorials. sigh


Yea, I am the only one serious about Hopscotch in my school. I am on it all the time now, and thats why I want to give tutorials! I know so much!


A clone tutorial! HITN20C?!


You should totally do a tutorial on values! You are so good at them! Or you can try sine and cosine (if you use them)


@RubyWolf1 @RenegadeBird1 @Dude73 how should I make a tutorial on values? I know how to work them, I just don't know how I would do a tutorial on them.


I did a tutorial on a drawing board by typing the directions in, then drawing them on an actual drawing board


Well, you could explain how iPads think of values as numbers; on/off. Or, you could explain last touch x and last touch y.


Please do sine and cosine. I made a mistake. Like

Set position: X: 16 divided by 534 plus 9864. Y: 847 minus 863 times 20

That sounds like a mistake.


There is all ready a lot of tutorials on that.