Any Trail Art Requests?



Hi! I’m new here and I’d like to try doing some trail art. I’ve seen other people do it so I may as well give it a shot! Any requests?


Maybe a stormy night sky? (stars, clouds, lightning strikes)


Welcome, I don’t have any requests, but I’m sure many people will


Ok! I’ll get on it as soon as I can. I’m on a field trip right now haha~

Also @MK0825 thank you for the warm welcome!


Trail Art is amazing! If you still accept requests, I would request an Apple Logo. It’s pretty hard to do though. I’ve done it a few times, but I still haven’t gotten an exact result.


Thanks! And have fun on your field trip!


No big deal… nice to have someone new… also you can tag me any time


Could you do an avacado?


maybe a flower? (i think trail art flowers are cool)