Any Trail Art Requests for Hopscotch?


JessieCA here! Would anyone want any custom trail art projects? If so, put a picture of the thing you want made into a trail art and tag my name. (@JessieCA) I will give you credit for the idea on the project, so be on the lookout! Thank you! :smiley:
PS: If you need inspiration, watch some of Hopscotch on YouTube.


I would love to see this in HS, but you don't have to do it! :sweat_smile: @JessieCA


Ok. I will work on it! :blush:


How about Snoopy? There's a lot of pictures of him if you search it up! :3. I'd definitely give it a like! :3


I finished your request! I hope you like it! The name is Smiley Alyssa's request.


I'm working on your request! :+1:


Yay! I can't wait to see it finished! :slight_smile:


Your becoming such a pro at the fourm! I bet you'll get leader in no time!


Thank you for the support! :blush:


I finished your request! Its title is Snoopy's Request. I hope you like it! :blush:


Any more trail art requests for today?


I know this is weird, but can you do a fox with sunglasses, and some text on top saying 'Deal with it'? It can bee tuff so just tell me if you are unable to do it.


Do you have a picture?


No, I have a GIF though, If that's ok.


I finished your request! It's title is KoolM123's request. I hope you like it!


Any more trail art requests? I'm open!


Sorry, you'll have to turn your iPad...
You don't have to do you if you don't want to though!
(This is one of my toys XD)


I couldn't make your trail art, but I made you your very own Tap to Draw: Minions project. Is that all right?


I have a preview for you of the project.


I finished the project! It's called MinionCandy's request. I hope you like it!:blush: