Any Trail Art ideas?


Hello Y’all! I’ve been wanting to make some trail art, but I need suggestions! Any ideas? Post them or respond to this poll.

  • Flower
  • Some Sort of Food
  • Plant? (Make a Suggestion)
  • Other (Make a Suggestion)
  • A Place

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Thanks Everyone!


A sheep or a bird maybe?


A animal?
A penguin?


Thanks you two! I like the idea of animals! I didn’t think of that. Sheep would be cool to code, and penguin would offer a good challenge, but I think I could do it. Those are both good ideas.


You’re welcome
i just love sheep


Sheeeeeepp… (Same)


No problem!
I’m going to start coding an animal too!
Good luck


Flowers are pretty easy.
Pizza is just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I’m making a flower Creator


FOOOOD TRAIL ART!!! @ThatEnglishMuffin


Bleh don’t listen to me lol


Good luck to you too! Have fun with it!


It’s your decision really, but I think that food trail art is a little bit unusual on Hopscotch.


It is, but maybe a combination would be best.
Perhaps a food, flower, and a animal? And that gave me a idea for that.


I was making my sheep, then the code got messed up and I made whipped cream on sticks…


It still looks cool tho! If you need help fixing it I may be able to help!


U make me hungry for whipped cream.


Looks good!

Not really like whipped cream on sticks, but now that you mentioned it lol…


Hmmm… I’ll be right back


Whipped Cream on a Stick.

I just realized this looks like a Q-Tip. :laughing: