Any tips on how to make a clicker?

Hello hopscotchers! First time being on the forum in a while. Im making a clicker game and to my surprise, it was harder to do then expected. Im just looking for some tips to enhance the game. Ive made the base the clicker and two of the shop items, the codes not very organised in any way i’d love some suggestions.


welcome back!

maybe you could make a goal (e.g. try to get 5000 [or a score that’s challenging but not too hard] in as little amount of time as possible)?


Can you share a link? Also do you want it to be like Sweet shop idle tapper by Rapterdragon83 or do u want it to be like smth else?


Welcome back! Also I think the others can help you!


Hello :wave: I’m ExplodingDucks. Maybe make a goal like nobody the user said? You can also make checkpoints for your game and achievements to really set apart your game. You should organize your code beforehand, that always makes it easier to know what is what :))


Hey, and welcome back @Ethicalsunset!
Here is a tapper I made:

This is one @/RaptorDragon83 Made this:

You can look in the code for mine but you can give credit too please!
(My name is TheAECreators)
You can’t look in the code for rap’s he’s a dev.
But you can get some inspiration!


Welcome back! You could add things to your clicker to make it original, like a delivery system where you have to deliver things to peoples doors, or multiple tappers to make ingredients for a restaurant… the options are endless! What’s your name on Hs?

Dude! I remember you from July!
Anyways, can you share a link?

How about you look on the “simulation” tab in the “learn” tab!

Thats a great idea, ill try to get something like that in if possible.

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Im beeper1234 on Hopscotch and thats a good idea!


Use Some Code From Here!

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Thanks ill have a look!

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Thanks for the welcome!


@Ethicalsunset good luck!