Any Thanks to Anyone?



Ok, let's say you see someone famous. They followed you. You want to say thanks to them, but u don't want to be flagged for being off topic. Well, say your thanks here!


Thanks everyone for following me with your awesome accounts


Thanks @LazyLizard for being such a great supporter and liking all my projects. You are a kind and nice friend/hopscotcher.


Thanks to people for things :D


You should probably see the giving compliments (or thank yous) without being flagged topic.


Thank you! I love your projects!


Thank you people who did people things! XD


Or is this topic off topic...:smirk: (Joking)


Thank you @IShallNotBeNamed for the offer of following me but...I would prefer it if it was on my other account because I would block your follow tag.

I do respect you.


Thanks @SmilingSnowflakes for being such a great friend and cheering me up, oh, and thanks for spam liking me and having to live with da weird panda :yum::stuck_out_tongue::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Thank you to @Kiwicute2016 and @BuildASnowman, becuase it must be really hard being a mod with all the tags, questions, and requests. Thank you for all of your help! solutes