Any Suggestions?


I am thinking of a new 3D game. But what? Racing? Shooting? I honestly don't know. Suggestions?


3D Boat racing game!!!


@Hoppertoscotch Ok but how? How will it work? Where? What background?


Ummm...... I don't know how 3D stuff works, but do it so you are on an above angle, two players. The track is way zoomed out, and the outline of the track is little floaty things, the background is blue, and there is a finish line you hit, the first one to hit it wins, and the boats go SUPER slow if it isn't on the track.


That seems possible. Though now I am working on PixelShooters. A 3D shooting game of survival. And if you would like to learn 3D, MagmaPOP has a tutorial in one of his previous posts. Check that out if you like. :slightly_smiling: