Any suggestions for my sine and cosine art



Any suggestions for my sine and cosine and touching and tilting art? Itis here it has two likes now (other than me] credit will be given


Can't anyone help with suggestions, please, (◕‿◕✿)


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I like the way you used @oio's text fade strategy when he makes a project and leaves a note :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It's no more mine than it can be yours! :slight_smile: I usually just stick a "FadeWaitFade" ability into projects, when I think it might help explain what's going on. But, along those lines, i think it would be better to make sure there's a "skip" option.


Yeah, I just thought it looked like one of your projects :yum:


I'm currently coding it


Here it is! Any more suggestions?


You could make it so that you can change where it orbits without tilting for starting or where it comes back because it only comes back to 0,0.


Sorry, can you please explain it more @GysvANDRegulus


Well, what you draw with always goes to x 0, y 0, no matter what without doing code, after waiting for it to orbit, so you could add more options for it to go.

That's me trying not to make it go to 0,0.


V3 is now out! It includes a choice where you can set the start of the orbit @GysvANDReguluS


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