Any suggestions/critical criticism



Is my new game good? Any suggestions? Any feedback? Is my perspective good? Does it crash older devices? It took a while to code the snowman, are they worth while?


I will have a look tomorrow, can't get on my IPad right now.


It is amazing! I really like the music, and the snowmen and the iceskating penguin are incredible!


It's really cool!!!!!!!


Great job @Stampys_fans your making awesome projects!



Thanks! Took a while to get the size and invisibility correct tho

Thanks! You are to!


Thanks @Stampys_fans


I'll try it out in a minute, but critical criticism? Isn't that redundant? I think you mean constructive criticism XD


@SmilingSnowflakes, could you follow me? My name is JJ4eva:heart: Ps big fan!


They follow me!