Any sprite apps?


I need to make spires for upcoming games


May I ask you,
What are spires?


Sorry I meant sprites lol :joy:


They are like characters! (Sprites are characters in scratch!)


I'm not needed here cause I don't do scratch.
shuffles away


You could use assembly or some drawing app?


Here's a website (sorry, not an app) that is great for making pixelated sprites!
It works best on the computer though (at least for me), so it might not really be what you're looking for, but it's a really cool site! :D


No, you can still help because any characters and objects are sprites :)


Sprites are like this

Their made of tiny pixels


I believe @Stradyvarious uses an app called Piskelapp.


Wow, that's a really cool website!:grinning:


I know, right? I'm using it for an medieval RPG game, and it works really well! :D