Any Requests for Me?



Hi VanillaBlossom, this isn't exactly a request but could you help me make a drawing pad? Could we do it together?
My Hopscotch username is Giraffe88 :sparkles: Please i can barely do any drawing pad! Sorry if you are busy I understand!


@VanillaBlossom What App do you use


Hey @VanillaBlossom can u draw a cute calico cat with sparks/sparkles around it? And could u label it "Sparky"?


I have extra time before I go to bed, but I can't do requests yet because I can't finish them right now. I could do all your requests tomorrow! @Awesome_giraffe I'll help you with your drawing pad! @WinningMonkey, the app I use is Paper 53. I don't use my drawing pad I made in hopscotch to do requests becuase on the app, I could draw better. @SparkyKat I'll do yours tomorrow like the rest.


Ok! I really love calico cats though, they're my fav since I was 5 or something


Also can the calico cat look like the pic below? Like the pattern, black and brown patches on the back, white base, and sitting, not laying down. I hope I'm not being too bossy, but that's the way I like calicos


Okay! Just got done with school here it is @SparkyKat! Sorry if it's kind of weird looking. OH WAIT! I FORGOT "SPARKY" TAG! SO SORRY!


Try to draw me! I have short brown hair green eyes and I'm holding a peanut butter color dog!


Okay, didn't see ya there! I'll get started now! @Awesome_giraffe can we do your drawing pad on my account or yours?


I'm done! Sorry for the weird eyes!


Aww, it's cute! Good job, VanillaBlossom!


Thanks so much! you can do it on my account!


How do we do it together? I don't even know the password


Oh thank you! I added some more things! It can be both of ours if you want!